Improving Equitable Access to High Standard Public Services Through Govtech Project for




Project: Improving Equitable Access to High Standard Public Services Through Govtech 

Job tittle: Expert for Digital Transformation supporting the Coordination Unit (CU)


The World Bank is financing a program on “Improving Equitable Access to High Standard Public Services through Gov Tech” aiming to transform learning, modernize customer service and ensure accessibility for all citizens, with the National Agency for Information Society (NAIS referred to as AKSHI hereafter) as the leading implementing agency.

The program is structured around three Result Areas (RA):  

Results Area 1: Enhancing E-Service Quality and User Experience.

Results Area 2: Improving Digital Skills and Digital Inclusion.

Results Area 3: Strengthening Priority GovTech Enablers.

The objective of this procedure is to hire an individual consultant in the Coordination Unit (CU) as an Expert for Digital Transformation who shall provide support to the Coordination Unit within NAIS on Digital Transformation, aligning with the Digital Agenda of Albania 2022-2026, by providing comprehensive technical support. The Digital Transformation Expert is expected to work part-time for an estimated total of 50 working days in the course of 12 (twelve) months from the contract signing.

The Consultant responsibility include among others for: 

  • Assess the existing digital transformation reforms and initiatives to identify areas for improvement and opportunities for innovation.
  • Develop a strategic roadmap for digital transformation aligned with the organization’s goals and objectives.
  • Establish a robust monitoring framework to track the progress of digital transformation initiatives. Define key milestones, deliverables, and timelines for the transformation journey.
  • Provide recommendations for the integration of innovative technologies, such as AI, blockchain, and data analytics, to enhance public administration services.
  • Provide technical inputs/recommendations on the potential use of AI in the Youth Innovation Centers;
  • Analyse international trends, competitive landscape, and best practices in digital transformation. Research and recommend possible digital tools, platforms, and solutions to support the transformation objectives.
  • Monitor progress and suggest the agency how to address any issues or challenges that arise during the implementation phase. Identify potential risks and challenges associated with the digital transformation effort and propose a mitigation plan and change management plan.
  • Engage with relevant directorates within AKSHI and key stakeholders in the comprehensive drafting of the National Strategy for Artificial Intelligence, ensuring a cohesive, forward-thinking framework that aligns with national priorities.
  • Suggest monitoring and evaluation mechanisms on the progress of the digital transformation, including proposed adjustments as necessary to ensure successful implementation of the initiatives.
  • Prepare comprehensive reports and presentations summarizing key findings, achievements, and recommendations. Conduct post-implementation reviews to assess the impact of digital transformation and its outcomes.
  • Provide inputs to World Bank reports regarding the GovTech program, including for quarterly reports and 6-monthly Implementation Status Reports (ISRs).
  • Provide inputs and/or a first draft of a potential new Digital Strategy 2027-2031 or Extended Action Plan (for example, 2026-2028).

The detailed scope of work can be found in the Terms of Reference (ToR) for the assignment at the following website:

The Consultant must have the following qualifications: 

  • A Master’s degree in a relevant field such as Information Technology, Business Administration, or Public Administration.
  • A minimum of 7 years working experience on projects covering a broad range of digital transformation initiatives within the public sector, business sector and CSOs.
  • Prior experience with Artificial Intelligence, blockchain, etc. at policy level, is considered an advantage.
  • Proven ability to work in a collaborative, team environment with ability to work independently and undertake assignments.
  • Demonstrated expertise in collaborating with international donors, local and central public institutions, academia, civil society organizations, and the business sector.
  • In-depth knowledge of emerging technologies and their applications in public administration is an advantage.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills in English and Albanian language.
  • Excellent IT skills in use of Microsoft Office and other software, including project management software.


Applicants that fulfill the qualification requirements will be further evaluated based on the below criteria:

  • General Qualification – 30 points
  • Adequacy for the assignment – 60 points
  • Language – 10 points

The selection of the service provider will adhere to the provisions outlined in the World Bank Procurement Regulations for Borrowers under Investment Project Financing” as of July 1, 2016, revised on November 2017, August 2018, and November 2020, based on the method of Selection of Individual Consultants, Time-based contract.

Further information can be obtained from the address below during business hours from 08:00 to 16:30, Monday to Thursday and from 08:00 to 14:00 on Fridays.

Expressions of interest (CV, cover letter and documentary evidence of obtained qualifications) must be submitted in writing to the address below in person, by post or by e-mail at within June 12, 2024.

National Agency of Information Society

Council of Ministers

St. “Papa Gjon Pali2”, Tirana, Albania