Referring to letter e) of point 5) of the Decision of the Council of Ministers No. 673, dated 22. 11. 2017 “On the reorganization of the National Agency of the Information Society”, NAIS (AKSHI) develops, administers and maintains the infrastructure of the public key and manages the qualified certificates of Electronic Signature and Electronic Seal for the public administration. With the financial guarantee as a government institution, AKSHI ensures compliance with Article 19 of Law no. 9880, dated 25.2.2008, “On electronic signature”, as well as supports the use of electronic services within the Republic of Albania. NAIS (AKSHI) is one of the Qualified Trusted Service Provider, offering the service of Authentication, Electronic Signature and Electronic Seal for service providers in all areas of the Albanian Government.

Legislation related to electronic signature:

Law No. 9880, dated 25.02.2008 “On Electronic Signature”

Law No. 10 273, dated 29.04.2010 “On the Electronic Document”

DCM no. 495 dated 13.09.2017 “For the approval of the rules for the benefit of public electronic services”

The implemented solution meets the following conditions for a reliable PKI infrastructure:

Confidentiality – preventing unauthorized persons from obtaining information

Integrity – the original data cannot be changed en route without noticed by the recipient.

Authenticity – assurance that the parties involved in the transaction are who they claim to be.

Non-repudiation – means that the sending party does not reject the initiation of a transaction.

The policies on which AKSHI operates as a Qualified Trusted Service Provider (QTSP) are:

Certificate Policy – Certification Practice Statement

Certificate Profiles issued by NAIS

AKSHI basic certificate:


Regulation (EU) No. 910/2014