Questions about the Electronic Signature

How can I be equipped with an electronic signature?

The application for equipment with the electronic signature service is carried out from the applicant’s personal account as a citizen on the e-Albania portal using the service:

Application for equipment with electronic signature for employees and tax-paying entities

A visual manual on how to apply can be found here.

How much does the electronic signature service cost?

The electronic signature fee is ALL 4,800 for a one-year validity period. The payment can be made with a payment mandate (in this case, the payment mandate must contain the data of the applicant “Name Surname” and not the data of the entity that he/she represents such as NIPT or the name of the entity, since the electronic signature service is a personal service that belongs to the citizen and not the subject)) or online with any type of credit/debit card using the Credins bank module (even if you are not a customer of this bank).

How is the signature used?

You can find the electronic signature user manual here.

I forgot the password on the electronic signature platform. What should I do?

To reset the password on the electronic signature platform you can click here, while to unlock your account you can click here.

My electronic signature has expired. What should I do?

To renew the electronic signature, you will be automatically reminded 30, 14, 7, 3 and 1 days before the end of the validity period of the signature, where you will be directed to the application service in case you need this service again.

How is the application to be equipped with an electronic signature for foreign citizens carried out?

The application for foreign citizens is carried out from the business account on the e-Albania portal where the applicant is employed by clicking the “Apply for electronic signature” button in the application window. For foreign citizens, personal data is filled in manually by them.

How can I revoke my electronic signature?

The electronic signature revocation procedure is carried out at the request of the person holding the electronic signature. In case that the citizen had an electronic signature as an employee of an institution where he/she no longer works, the request can be done with a written request or with his/her government e-mail, but also with an official letter from the institution addressed to NAIS, where they also send the dismissal order of the employee.

In case the person is a private employee, he can make the request with a written request or with his personal e-mail to the helpdesk address, where he also sends a photo of his identity card.

In both cases, the notification about the successful revocation of the electronic signature is sent by e-mail from the address to the party that made the request.

For more information, you can click on the page: Electronic signature and application service on the e-Albania portal.