SmartLab Project Manager for the SmartLab Implementation Team (SLIT)




Improving Equitable Access to High Standard Public Services through GovTech  Program for



Project: Improving Equitable Access to High Standard Public Services Through Govtech

Job tittle: SmartLab Project Manager for the SmartLab Implementation Team (SLIT)

The World Bank is financing a program on “Improving Equitable Access to High Standard Public Services through Gov Tech” aiming to transform learning, modernize customer service and ensure accessibility for all citizens, with the National Agency for Information Society (NAIS referred to as AKSHI hereafter) as the leading implementing agency.  

The program is structured in three results areas:

Results Area 1: Enhancing E-Service Quality and User Experience. This RA will support the government program ambitions to improve: (i) usability, efficiency, and pro-activity of the e-Albania portal; and (ii) the quality of digital services, to provide advanced, proactive solutions on secure platforms and improve Digital Service Standards. 

Results Area 2: Improving Digital Skills and Digital Inclusion. This RA will support the Albanian Digital Transformation program’s ambitious objectives to transform learning, modernize customer service and ensure accessibility for all citizens. 

Results Area 3: Strengthening Priority GovTech Enablers. This RA supports the GoA in its program objectives to: (i) strengthen data governance, data security and transparency; and (ii) adopting enabling digital systems, requirements, and intelligent processes. In addition, aspects of this RA are cross-cutting insofar as they support the broader achievement of results under RAs 1 and 2: for example, pro-active services require robust data governance.

The objective of these Procedure is to engage an individual consultant to lead the SmartLab implementation team within the MoES to plan and implement the SmartLab activities in accordance with the approved implementation plan with the support of a team of professionals and in close consultation and collaboration with the senior officials of the MoES, the Coordinating Unit established at AKSHI and other relevant stakeholders. The Consultant will work in the MoES premises in Tirana on full time basis during the assignment time. The initial duration of the assignment is 12 months from contract signing and/or entry into force of the contract, if specified differently in the contract, with the option of renewal based on satisfactory performance. The Consultant will be offered opportunities to develop professionally by attending relevant short training events and courses during the term of the assignment. 

 The Expert’s main responsibilities include:


  • Leading the SmartLab implementation team:
  • Preparing/ updating the SmartLab implementation and performance monitoring plan and present the new/updated plan to the SmartLab Working Group for necessary approval.
  • Implement the plan in entirety in collaboration with the SmartLab implementation team.
  • Closely coordinate with the Coordination Unit (CU), established for the implementation of the GovTech project within AKSHI for necessary support.
  • Coordinate with other relevant Directorates/Departments withing the MOES and other relevant agencies such as ASCAP for effective planning, implementation and monitoring of SmartLab activities.
  • Coordinate with other external agencies such as Albanian American Development Foundation (AADF) for effective implementation of the SmartLab activities.
  • Establish effective monitoring mechanisms to monitor the implementation of plan and collecting and collating the monitoring information and sharing with the relevant officials within the MoES and AKSHI.
  • Coordinate preparation of quarterly progress reports and share with the SmartLab Working Group on a quarterly basis and/or as required by the MoES and/or SmartLab Working Group.
  • Prepare necessary documents for the supervision missions to be conducted by the World Bank and facilitate supervision missions according to the agreed agenda.
  • Prepare Disbursement-linked Indicators results achievement report in accordance with the verification protocol agreed for the Project and facilitate verification by the third-party verification agency.
  • In collaboration with the SmartLab implementation team, prepare SmartLab Implementation budget, ensuring that expenditures are within the allocated budget.
  • Following the standard procedures, communicates with the Budget and Finance Department of the Ministry of Finance and Economy (MFE), through appropriate MOES structures, to ensure that the SmartLab Implementation Team budget and associated project financial plans are integrated into MFE planning processes;
  • Coordinate for compliance with the agreed fiduciary arrangements for the project, include the audit and compilation and submission of Interim Financial Report (IRF), statutory audit,
  • Ensure compliance with Environmental and Social Safeguards arrangements of the project and prepare report on compliance.
  • Facilitate effective communication on SmartLab activities within the MoES, across various levels of the MoES, across agencies and with other stakeholders, including citizens.
  • In collaboration with the MoES communication department, appropriately disseminate information on the SmartLab activities and results achieved.

These responsibilities particularly refer to Results Area 2 and therein SmartLab activities. The detailed scope of work can be found in the Terms of Reference (ToR) for the assignment at the following website: Smartlab Project Manager For The Smartlab Implementation Team (Slit) ToRs

The Consultant will work as part of the SLIT. He / She will report to and work under direction of the General Director of Policy and Development of Education and Sports.  The Consultant will work in close cooperation with MoES, ASCAP and other relevant stakeholders to ensure that the project is managed efficiently and in compliance with the objectives of the Project Appraisal Document (PAD), Loan Agreement and Project Operational Manual (POM).


Consultant must have the following qualifications:

  • Master’s degree in business administration, administrative science, economics information technology, health science or related field.
  • At least 10 years of overall professional experience utilising keen business, education, financial, and technology acumen to drive success across multiple sectors. Previous experience with international projects and/or organizations will be an advantage.
  • At least two years as a manager in projects financed by either the government and/or international development organizations.
  • Strong familiarity with the functioning of the government and related institutions;
  • Skilled in developing relationships with government departments, inter-agency coordination, international partners to achive project/program objectives and ensure sustainability of results through sucessfully transitioning of activities to the Government sector;
  • Proven skills in introducing and managing enabling technology to enhance learning; strengthen data governance, security and transparency; modernize services and accessibility of key interest groups.
  • Team leadership skills with ability to work in a matrix framework.
  • Capacity for independent functioning, decision making and problem solving.
  • Ability to prioritize, work well under pressure and capably handle/juggle multiple tasks within tight deadlines. Experience working with cross-functional teams.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills in English and Albanian language.
  • Excellent skills (in use of Microsoft Office and other software, including project management software).

Applicants that fulfill the qualification requirements will be further evaluated based on the below criteria:

  1. General Qualifications – 30 points
  2. Experience and skills – 60 points
  3. Language and IT proficiencies – 10 points

The selection of the service provider will adhere to the provisions outlined in the World Bank Procurement Regulations for Borrowers under Investment Project Financing” as of July 1, 2016, revised on November 2017, August 2018, and November 2020, based on the method of Selection of Individual Consultants, Time-based contract.

Further information can be obtained from the address below during business hours from 08:00 to 16:30, Monday to Thursday and from 08:00 to 14:00 on Fridays.

Expressions of interest (CV, cover letter and documentary evidence of obtained qualifications) must be submitted in writing to the address below in person, or by post, or by e-mail at within 10 November 2023.

National Agency of Information Society

Council of Ministers

St. “Papa Gjon Pali2”, Tirana, Albania